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The 2014 Port, Airport & Global Infrastructure (PAGI) Research Report is out

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A distinctive analysis of seaport-centric industrial space in gateway U.S. real estate markets

Observing the influence of global economic drivers, including trade and cargo flows, socioeconomic and political factors, as well as port capacity and infrastructure investment, the report provides both a macro overview of current trends impacting the domestic sector in addition to detailed information on major seaports. Read the full report here.    

Some key takeaways: 2014 PAGIRead More

Full steam ahead on the Panama Canal Expansion

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Amid significant challenges the Panama Canal Expansion project moves forward

Given the magnitude of the Panama Canal expansion project, there were bound to be some obstacles, as was the case when the United States built the Canal a century ago. Instead of mudslides and malaria, the new challenges are centered around a financial dispute, with the consortium of European construction firms (GUPC), and the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) butting heads over who… Read More