How to Successfully Move Your Business

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Moving your business may be one of the single greatest decisions a business owner ever makes. While considering a move, there are many factors and potential missteps that need to be taken into account.  How can a business owner plan for a successful move?  JLL’s Alan Kleber says it’s all about preparation.  He shares his top tips to avoid the common pitfalls of relocation:

Should I renew or relocate?

Renewing a lease versus relocating should not be seen as separate choices but rather as one long-term business decision.  The most important question business owners must ask themselves is “how is the real estate solution going to support my business objectives?”

How early should I start considering a move for my business?

Tenants should begin considering their options a year before their renewal notification is due.  For example, if a landlord needs to be notified 12 months prior to lease expiration, the process should begin 24 months in advance.

What types of professionals need to be involved to ensure a smooth move?

A solid team should include: a commercial real estate broker/adviser, a real estate attorney and an architect. The attorney should be well versed in real estate law.