The Future of Work: Focusing on the Human Experience @ #JLLMiami

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The nature of how we work is changing. Technology, generational changes in the workplace and evolving business processes have impacted how we utilize our work space. At JLL, we strive to consistently identify the benefits these bring to our clients.Workplace Experience

Traditionally, a company’s workplace cost is associated with capital expenses and operational costs—it is seen as a tool to achieve financial goals. Yet only 20% of a company’s spend is associated with real estate and IT while 80% is associated with its people. During the last year and a half, addressing how the workplace contributes to business strategy has substantially evolved.

In a recent global study by JLL, nearly 70% of employees agree that happiness at work is the best ingredient for a unique work experience. In conducting this research, we identified that work spaces have a key role to play, both strategically and operationally, in fostering engagement, empowerment and fulfilment at work.

Human Experience is about how the work environment ultimately impacts company performance, not just its culture,” said Marie Puybaraud, Global Head of Corporate Research at JLL.

Our client conversations around the globe have provided us an opportunity to help engage with human capital more effectively and improve employee experience, identifying specific strategies that uniquely align with the heart of each organization.

In South Florida, JLL is taking advantage of this research and jumping on the opportunity to be an example of the human experience in the workplace. We are designing a new Miami office, fine-tuned by our leadership team and interior designers. The strategy and thought behind our new atmosphere is a result of research and communication with our employees, clients and stakeholders.


Businesses have always grappled with attracting and retaining the best workforce possible. In today’s market, that is achieved through human experience and an engaging workplace helps them achieve that goal. Once a business has built a solid workforce, the need is for that workforce to be creative, focused and inspired. The reality is that workplaces may help or hinder an employee’s ability to be effective and feel engaged.

Through JLL’s global study, Workplace, powered by Human Experience, we learned that about 51% of respondents felt their workplace allowed them to work very effectively and only 40% reported feeling very engaged at work.

As said by author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek, people can’t truly buy into a product, service, movement or idea until they connect with the why. Sinek suggests that to truly inspire its people, an organization needs to be clear about its purpose. JLL recently defined our new brand promise—our new why—that reflects the core of our culture. We exist to achieve ambitions – for our clients, our people, our company and our communities. That’s our promise, and we hope to create a workplace that fosters that.


So how should our workplace be built to help us accomplish our purpose? There are a number of factors that have changed the work, workforce and workplace. Technology has dramatically altered how we go about our day and conduct business. Today’s workforce is also more diverse, complex and fluid. And though it is not the case in our own South Florida office today, an average of 60% of U.S. survey respondents work from home regularly.

Modern Office

In anticipation of change and fostering adaptive work models, we are utilizing technologies that allow us mobility and activity-based work settings. To further accommodate the blurred lines between working at the office and working from home, the office has become the ideal place to promote a better human experience with options like wellness rooms or spaces to unplug, healthy snack choices in the cafeterias, outdoor spaces and more collaboration areas seamlesly integrated into the office layout.

JLL Miami is a case-study in the evolution of our business and its human experience. The vision and model for our new office focuses on workplaces designed to increase collaboration and the exchange of ideas. The new office layout will be broken down into three main zones: individual work areas, meet and greet areas, and relax and learn spaces – all designed to foster collaboration and strengthen the human experience.

The Results

Over the past 20 years, the focus of our corporate real estate professionals has changed a considerable amount. As time passed, we expanded the scope of our work to include the workplace, and how it can affect business strategy. This allowed us to develop partnerships with our clients and remain engaged through the implementation of their workplace strategies.

By becoming trusted advisors, we are able to understand how the employee experience shapes the business processes, and can positively impact workforce engagement, as we’ve done in an array of successful organizations in South Florida.

Stay tuned to the JLL Florida blog for more behind-the-scenes updates about the new JLL Miami office and a sneak peak of the new space!


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Eva GarzaEva Garza, JLL Vice President of Consulting Services 

Eva Garza specializes in corporate real estate workplace strategy for JLL.  Eva collaborates with the firm’s brokerage professionals across the state of Florida, as well as serves as a member of the JLL Workplace Strategy global team. Email Eva